A Guide to Functional Requirements

This guide will provide additional insights and specific steps required to develop a functional requirements document.

Learn how to define requirements and keep all stakeholders aligned.

What can you expect in this guide?

  • Introduction to functional requirements.
  • Explaining the necessity to document FRs using the right tools.
  • A showcase of some of the popular FR Epics.
  • Template of Functional Requirements Document (FRD).
  • Outlining steps to create FRs, from market analysis and revision management.
  • Bonus. Everything else you may find useful while making your FRs.

Why do you need a functional requirement document?

Compiling a list of functional requirements for the project has several advantages:

Clarity and Direction

The FRD offers a clear roadmap of what needs to be developed. It provides detailed descriptions of system behaviors, which can eliminate any ambiguity regarding the functionalities to be implemented.

Stakeholder Alignment

With an FRD, all stakeholders – from designers to developers, and even the clients – can align their expectations. It ensures everyone has a shared understanding of the project’s goals and the means to achieve them.

Efficient Communication

For an development team, communication between various departments is key. An FRD acts as a reference point and facilitates consistent and precise communication across teams.

Cost Efficiency

By reducing misunderstandings, scope changes, and providing clear benchmarks for development, an FRD can significantly cut down on unnecessary expenditures.

Resource Management

Drafting your requirements in advance allows for better allocation of resources. Teams can estimate the time, cost, and workforce required more accurately.
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