How to Choose an eCommerce Partner for Your Business

This comprehensive checklist will guide you through the process of selecting the best ecommerce vendor that meets your project requirements, business goals, and budget constraints – to set you on a path of achieving ecommerce excellence.

how to find right vendor

What can you expect in this document?

  • Introduction to functional requirements.
  • How to analyze and evaluate potential vendors.
  • How get the maximum value from scheduling demos & interviews.
  • Template of action item plan (feel free to make a copy).
  • How to set your project off to a great start (signing contracts and onboarding).
  • Bonus. Everything else you may find useful while looking for your partner.

Why should you download this comprehensive checklist?

Find out how to stay organized and effective while considering potential partners:

Save Precious Time

Get a clear roadmap to compare and evaluate efficiently, cutting weeks off your selection process.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Find out how to avoid potential pitfalls and choose a reliable partner that delivers on promises.

Maximize ROI

Get maximum value and information from demos and interviews with ecommerce vendors.

Cost Efficiency

Find out how to reduce misunderstandings, scope changes, and provide clear benchmarks for development based on your business needs.

Effective Project Kick-off

We’ve compiled insights to assist you in implementing the most effective project onboarding process with your new ecommerce partner.
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Get the сomprehensive checklist

Starting your ecommerce project can feel overwhelming. This checklist explains how to select the right partner to achieve business goals and budget constraints.

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Founded in 2009, Elogic has gained hands-on experience with multiple ecommerce platforms. If you need to deal with legacy architectures, create a new store, or optimize the existing one, our team is here to help you out.

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We have proudly served 200+ global ecommerce businesses of different sizes and niches and seen the good and the bad in the industry. At Elogic, you’ll find expert consulting and a proactive approach to project development.

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Choose the right partner with a checklist from the experts

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